Large Crystallographic X

I’ve been drawn to crystallographic composition for decades. I’ve done a few paintings along this style (see my post Some Previous Work). The first one stemmed from a desire to paint a portrait of my brother.

I had painted a quasi-realistic portrait of my dad for his birthday and I cannot find that painting anywhere. It occurred to me that, unless commissioned, likely most people don’t want a large painting of themselves. My brothers don’t realize how wonderful they are. I decided to paint a portrait-of-the-interior of sorts of one of them, basically wanting to evoke a reaction of wonder, hopefully even beauty. I’ve done a handful of these, and think there is more for me to explore in this vein.

The one featured here is the largest piece I’ve created this far. I think it is nearly there, wanting to make it luscious, gorgeous, beautiful, maybe you can even smell the roses!


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