I don’t have some profound quote about why I paint. I have enjoyed making art since childhood but wasn’t able to imagine that it was a way to make a living. Through several (several) rounds of career changes with varying degrees of fulfillment, and with some maturity, I just want to enjoy what I do. Be inspired, not motivated.

I just paint, and occasionally draw. I’m not a fiend about it, but I try to listen and then get out of the way. Ideas come, sometimes I am able to capture them long enough to try and put them on canvas. Sometimes the results are cringe-worthy, sometimes they make me smile and I find more in them than I set out to make. Some paintings I’ve had for years and can’t imagine parting with them. Others I can’t wait to share and find the person who is in the same wavelength enough to make them theirs.

I do very much enjoy paintings that convey energy, vibration, or movement of some kind. I think this makes them more dynamic. I enjoy using complimentary colors so my work tends to be bright and eye-catching.

I’ve worked mostly in large abstracts. Lately, with an eye toward continually improving and evolving, I am working on smaller canvases with more detail. This I want to translate back to larger works eventually. So much to learn! So much to paint!

Belle Epoque and Art Deco illustrations appeal to me also. Through the years I have tried my hand at simple commercial illustrations in that vein, but ultimately my style. They’re fun to make, stress-free, inexpensive, and easy to reproduce. Very gratifying when they turn out well. The more recent works are featured here as I finish them.

Thanks for stopping by.

– Rebecca